How do I operate my Flexofold Propeller?

Guide to operate your Flexofold Propeller

  • When handling the assembled propeller, avoid being pinched by the opening or closing blades.
  • Do not operate the propeller when close to people or animals in the water.
  • Stop the engine immediately if you notice any strange sounds or vibrations coming from the propeller.
  • Check that the propeller functions in both forward and reverse before each voyage.
  • Shift gears at idling RPMs only.
  • When sailing, the propeller must be stopped for the blades to fold/close.
  • With a mechanical transmission; stop the engine and put the transmission in reverse gear to prevent the propeller from turning.
  • With hydraulic transmission; while boat is moving forward under sail or due to momentum and engine is still running, engage reverse gear and shut down the engine.