How do I bend the tab washer correctly? (Saildrive)

Are you in doubt how to bend the tab washer correctly? In this article we illustrate how the tab washer should be bent twice to create the locking effect.

When mounting the propeller, the first step will be to secure the hub to the saildrive.

Once you've got the shaft nut, tab washer and shaft locking screw in place, you have to bend the tab washer 2 times:

  1. Use a straight screw driver and bend the tab down over the shaft nut.
  2. Again use the same screw driver and bend the opposite side of the tab washer up over the hex shaft nut locking screw.

The bent tab washer along with the pre-applied threadlocker on the shaft nut locking screw, will prevent the shaft nut locking screw from untightening and thereby secure your propeller to the saildrive. 


Step 1: 


Step 2: 




*The illustrations are of our composite propeller, but the same securing method applies to all our saildrive folding propellers.